Twitter Anniversary
 *Disclaimer: The logos on this page have been converted to a duotone color scheme for the purpose of this presentation. Not all the logos I design are pink and black ;)  We see thousands of logos everyday, and behind each logo is a long and hard-worked marketing strategy. What makes some more memorable than others? Although marketing strategies are an important part of the process, without a duality in the design process, we are left with numbers and no real answer, because an emotional encounter isn’t quantifiable.  That is why I focus on identifying the visual language that best triggers our audience’s heartbeat. Showcased is a collection of logos I designed for companies and organizations that range in their operations and industries. Though the clients differ, the logos have one thing in common, a heartbeat that made someone stop and look. I design first as an artist and then as a marketer, because at the end of the day, a design doesn't measure heartbeats through an EKG.
Beija Flor Naturals Packaging
Samsung Connected Car Icon Set